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Serving the least of these, since 1972

Meet Dr. Hazael Hatchett

Clinica Filadelfia is a busy place. The clinic is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, offering affordable health care to the neediest people in Tijuana. Thousands come through the clinic’s doors each year. At the center of it all is Dr. Hazael Hatchett, Filidelfia’s Medical Director. Dr. Hatchett brings over forty years of medical experience to Real Life Ministries, with areas of expertise ranging from pediatrics to gynecology to surgical services.

The seeds that led to Dr. Hatchett’s success in medicine were planted in his youth. As a boy, Dr. Hatchett’s mother taught him to live according to biblical principles. With this foundation, Dr. Hatchett developed a passion for helping others. While still a youth, he dedicated his life work to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Dr. Hatchett’s career as a missionary doctor began in 1969 when he started a church and medical clinic in San Quintin, Baja California. The clinic, known as “The Good Samaritan,” continues to serve the community today. Medical clinics in Mexico City and in remote Chiapas followed. In 1989, Dr. Hatchett returned to Tijuana to open the “Filadelfia Clinic” in the impoverished neighborhood of “El Florido.” This clinic was vandalized and set on fire in 1994, resulting in total loss. After much planning, hard work, and prayer, a new medical center was opened in 1995, in the “Matamoros” neighborhood outside of Tijuana. It is here that Dr. Hatchett continues to lead his medical staff as they heal the sick and show compassion to the hurting.

As to his life’s work, Dr. Hatchett says,

“The Lord has been good to me and gives me the strength and physical health to continue working as a surgeon. As long as the Lord allows me to, I will continue on in this work for Him. More importantly, the Lord has allowed Filadelfia to be an example of the love of Jesus and to be a witness to the eternal salvation that comes through Him alone.”

Throughout his career Dr. Hatchett has earned the recognition and admiration of colleagues and patients alike for his professionalism and work ethic. We thank God for his example of service and for reflecting the love of Christ through his gifts and talents.

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