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Serving the least of these, since 1972

Abigail Andrade

Abby joined RLM in 2013, and manages the administrative and HR needs in Mexico.  She is currently attending nursing school.

Cinthia Y. Castillo

Cinthia is a nurse at Filidelfia in Mexico.

David Altamirano

David serves as RLM's legal advisor in Mexico.  He ensures all aspects of RLM's procedures are in compliance with legal requirements, and does so in a way to promote respect and order towards authorities.

Debbie Hollenbeck

Debbie is the Treasurer of RLM and co-directs the Las Tres Palmas and H12:One ministries, alongside her husband, Dennis.

Dennis Hollenbeck

Dennis is the Director of RLM and, along with his wife, Debbie, also directs Las Tres Palmas and H12:One in Ensenada. He has served with RLM for more than 20 years in multiple capacities, including as a member of the board.

Dirk Uphoff

Dirk is a Western Regional Sales Manager for an office furniture manufacturer. He and his wife, Helen, worked as missionaries with RLM for 5 years, and he currently serves as a member of the board.

Dr. Dave Shaw

Dave is the Senior Pastor at Meadowlark Community Church in San Marcos, California. He has been a member of the board since 2004, and currently serves as Secretary.

Dr. Hazael Hatchett Gutierrez

Dr. Hatchett co-founded RLM in 1972. He has served since that time as director, surgeon, and gynecologist at Clinica Filadelfia. He demonstrates great passion for the needy, and his experience and excellence continues to amaze both patients and co-workers alike.

Dr. Jose E. Moreno Felix

Dr. Moreno is serving at Clinica Filadelfia in Mexico.

Dr. Mario A. Palomino

Dr. Palomino serves at the Clinica Filadelfia in Mexico.

Ezequiel Andrade

Dr. Ezequiel joined RLM in May 2012, and inaugurated our new dental facility in Tijuana in June 2012.  He also directs RLM's mobile dental outreach to orphanages, churches, and native communities.

Gustavo Altamirano

Gustavo has worked with RLM for more than 20 years. He loves to bring support and the gospel to the patients and their families who come to receive treatment at Clinica Filadelfia.

Hazael Hatchett Jr.

Hazael has served in various capacities with RLM for over 20 years. He currently presides over RLM Mexico meetings, and guides the team through important decisions.

Lilia Ruiz

Lilia is a nurse at Clinica Filadelfia in Mexico.

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